The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Doug’s B-day & Headphone Thievery

Happy Birthday to Doug and Lisa Ann, too bad Vaughn is despondent over the Cardinals, how should we refer to the Jewish community, the text line is in rare form already today, what’s up with the drops, Plow Boy doesn’t have any headphones for a third straight day, Iggy wants his Skull Candy’s back, Lisa Ann is donating Fleshlights for the Dating Game, discussing Ray Donovan and text names taken from the show, talking TMA listeners who have attractive significant others, telling The Cat about Jay Jr’s neat MILF from Hotshots, Plowsy talks about his golf game with the Picarella brothers, we’re excited about the new Lemming Burger at Hotshots, Audio Fun from Charlize Theron talking about The Bachelor, who is the 424, why did Doug block The Cat on Twitter, Plow Boy invents the friend cuck.

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