The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Free Dotem movement reaches Vegas

Doug was back in Columbia again this weekend, he was distracted by all the lovely girls (and guys?), a Free Dotem banner was unveiled in Las Vegas at Blues vs. Knights game, how are banners made exactly, The Cat always get comped in Las Vegas,  how did we all experience the Mizzou vs. Kansas game, sadly there’s no #FFF at Hotshots on Thursday, Doug will have to google Salina Ford, Stingray was fired up on Twitter this past weekend, The Cat holds Prod Joe accountable for a parking issue, Vaughn has lost his Gong stroke, Lena’s Pizza is sweeping the Fan Page, an update on Doug’s fantasy team, Cletus and Jay locked lips after their golf game, is the KB patio part of the swingers section, reading very stupid texts, Bill Self isn’t keen on another Border War game, Mizzou should play Kansas and Illinois in non-conference football games every season says Vaughn, Plow Boy’s gal enjoys listening to NPR, perusing highlights from Tim’s interview with Mozeliak, discussing Jane Seymour and her breasts, debating the Cardinals clubhouse chemistry.

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