The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Fun with Francesa and Cardinals Deep Dive

Welcome back to Ben Fred, our show is so predictable, #FunWithAudio from Francesa, whose taking questions this morning, that Penn State contest was truly controversial, Francesa has fallen asleep on air and spills his soda quite often, Tim just can’t get that worked up about sports anymore, why did people check out on the Cardinals so early, continuing the baseball conversation, discussing the merits of MLB’s second wild card, outliers like 2006 and 2011 have impacted fan perception, talking off-season priorities, could Dexter Fowler get traded, Iggy updates us on #FFF recruiting for Thursday night, talking about Strode’s upcoming golf match at The Rock, should Doug get new clubs, Plowsy is tight with his neighbors, who is the Swinghaven Board Member, Ben Fred explains screen shots to Doug, more golf and hole talk, deep teasing the WWE Recap.