The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Ghost Stories, Tipping, and Double Teams

The Sea Monster is now communicating with the studio via intercom, we were lost without the text line yesterday at this time, do we have any listeners in Alberta, everything goes back to Hedo with Iggy, why would somebody in Tallahassee enjoy this particular show, Hayes thinks our listeners are tougher than Frank’s, is the Hipster a Great American, an update on podcast bookings, teaser clip from the new Cat Chat, more talk on a haunted hotel in Milwaukee, are there ghosts at Hedo, Big Al joins the program, would drinking bleach kill you immediately, why don’t we see Dinosaur ghosts, more apparition theories, are UFO sightings more believable than ghost sightings, Doug shares a remarkable story from Dave Matter’s piece on the coach of Stephen F. Austin, audio from Cuonzo Martin in the opposing locker room, how much does Plowsy tip for pizza delivery, Iggy gets upset about his neighbors not cooking and tipping delivery drivers poorly, talking double teams and tournament pronunciation, more on tipping norms.

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