The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Iggy returns to recap his AVN experience

Doug is crestfallen about this season of The Bachelor, Dotem and Gabe both held Fescoe accountable on Twitter yesterday, we did mock rankings of Jason Barrett’s Top 20 lists, Vaughn calls himself a 70’s heartthrob on Twitter, Plow Boy shares knowledge on Illinois, Iggy has returned from his bout with AVN flu, he was texting with a tranny, Tim kind of sounds like Dusty Rhodes, Stormy Daniels has an interesting media strategy right now, Peter North didn’t do an interview with Iggy after all, what happened to our pal Kayden, discussing Iggy’s experience with Biff and Gentle, Lana Rhoades was being a real bitch, bouncers tried to kibosh Iggy’s interview with Vicky Chase, Fun with Audio of Jesse Jane, Iggy is proud of his conversation with Dillion Harper, Biff got two starlets to make-out, Whitney Wright was a delight, more on Biff and staying at the Hooters hotel in Vegas, Gentle has a nice ass, Plowsy wants to be a male stripper.

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