The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Iggy’s Purple Notebook of AVN Prep

Iggy brought in his purple notebook of prep for the AVN’s, Larry has produced a new open for his WWE Recap, talking about Biff’s gal Gentle, peeping at Iggy’s prepared questions, holding Captain Jack accountable, Plowsy is on fire with his drops, Big Al is on the phone and full of emotion today, does anyone make-out for over an hour or were these lesbian poseurs that Scott’s Wrinkled Ballsack witnessed, discussing Ahmad Rashad’s net worth, Doug says you need at least $10 million to be considered rich now, Plowsy outlines our Spring Training travel plans, will Darin eat off his bed sheets again to entice Roderick, remembering Doug’s crappy rental car, more travel stories, Plow Boy wants Lambert to offer smoking pods, Plowsy fell victim to a traveling cuck situation once, how much do private jets cost.

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