The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Larry and Stingray provide broadcast brilliance

What is Doug wearing on this Press Conference Wednesday, Vaughn finally sold his used furniture, Kelly Chase provided confirmation of the Fan Page scoop on Dustin Johnson at Big Bend Golf Center, discussing the catalog of Lionel Richie, he was a real hit-maker for awhile but then stepped aside, is Postmates catching on in STL, how can we get from Kirkwood to Salt + Smoke quickly, should Doug get into the brisket delivery business, construction on I-44 is moving slowly, Doug doesn’t care for Barstool Sports, Vaughn ordered some cheap burgers over the weekend, Barstool interviewed Lana Rhoades, conversation on the Cardinals game last night and the updated NL Central standings, what’s the best World Series bet at this point, who are these guys on the Reds now, discussing our friend Stingray’s latest submission on Twitter, remembering when TMA joined Gabe on a Mizzou panel, Douglas is mystified by Missouri’s coaching strategy, #FunWithAudio from Stingray, when will the Tigers go to Starkville, Nicksy conducted interview brilliance with Hacksaw Jim Duggan yesterday, did Iggy proposition X-pac’s significant other at Hedo, Larry also did an epic FB Live with Plowsy, Donald Trump is enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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