The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Mets Fun with Frank the Tank

Doug is feeling down about the rain, Jennings and Plow Boy expect to have a big summer at The Rock, Roderick explains yesterday’s Email of the Day controversy, Doug and Plow Boy are conducting fantasy trade talks, infamous Mets fans Frank “The Tank” Fleming is joining us now, will Frank make it to the stadium on time for the Home Opener this year, discussing traffic and bridges, remembering Rusty Staub, some legit Cardinals chatter, Plowsy wants Tui to be the closer and is bullish on the Brewers, is Mike Matheny on the proverbial Hot Seat, how much is attendance based on the Busch Stadium giveaways, remembering items that Iggy and Joe took home from the old 590, every producer in metro St. Louis has Iggy’s old phone numbers, Joe Rod had a shirt get stolen from the studio earlier this week, more radio theft stories, recapping our chat with Frank Fleming and investigating the Mets good luck wreath, Roderick talks about covering the Pro Bowl.

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