The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Mia Khalifa and Mrs. Curry's Feet

Following up on Doug’s weekend and the Father’s Dance, he slept in a hotel room with other topless dads, Doug drank too much, breaking down the Mizzou game, did The Cat ever attend homecoming at Geneseo State, discussing the Kirkwood Brewhouse menu, Justin Turner had a Kirk Gibson like HR last night, Joe Maddon is under siege right now, why do some players pretend to be cranky, more MLB playoff chatter, Mia Khalifa was apparently kicked out of Game 1 of the NLCS, Iggy is still sideways with her, The Cat requests special Fun With Audio, how old is Dick Stockton, rehashing the Iggy and Mia Khalifa feud, does he ask creepy questions, turns out Steph Curry has a foot fondness similar to Jennings, audio forensics on our favorite Trump clip, Plowsy offers an official evaluation of Mrs. Curry’s feet, does Jay text Lady Beercats for nudes, Mike Lee joins us, Plowsy enjoys using the term muse when describing Lady Beercats, an off-road trucker robin fed Larry Nickel at the last Illinois TMA Live then joined the Fan Page, teasing The Cat’s upcoming podcast, will Waino become a broadcaster, audio from Tim’s podcast with Clay Travis, discussing social media while Plow Boy eats a muffin, why would anyone threaten one of the hosts on this program, Doug wants to hear the Chicken Hawk song, more on the Clay conversation, The Cat had a radio stalker once.