The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Mike Lee quits this radio presentation

Doug was too busy to watch the Blues game, The Cat holds him accountable for not having a poem ready, Doug has a colonoscopy coming up, Mike Lee says he’s done with this show because Iggy stole his girl, Carlie compares to Robin Givens in Boomerang, how did Iggy seduce this gal, should this be considered a date or not, how much lesbianism is in play at this Gaga concert, Jake calls in and claims to be the gentleman who admired Tim’s beard, are there short bears in the gay community, Jake had an interesting female companion at Kirkwood Brewhouse, The Cat just got a text and he doesn’t know who it’s from, an audio teaser of the first #CatChat conversation, talking General Tsao’s and Kung Pao chicken, does Hayes talk too much on his podcast, baseball banter, an umpire actually admitted to missing a call last night, an update on the Mike Lee situation, Plowsy takes heat for leasing his cell phone, should we give out Kilcoyne’s number, evaluating the Golden Knights jersey.

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