The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Mike Lee & Tucker Bring Heat on Black Friday

Most of us are in food comas today, it had been 26 years since Iggy worked on the Friday after Thanksgiving, has Plowsy ever been Black Friday shopping, Iggy says Neuheisel has one hot sister, Charlie promises to read every text today, flat breaking down Mizzou hoops against Long Beach State, what should we make of the Tigers now, Plow Boy was locked in on Providence vs. Belmont, Mike Lee joins the presentation, Charlie was drinking Jack at midnight, Tucker checks into the program, discussing the celebrity politician phenomenon, Doug describes his Thanksgiving Day festivities, Marlow goes all Prep Zone on us talking High School football, do TV anchors ever do sportscasts with their pants unbuckled, Iggy wears Bermuda shorts to formal events, Plowsy still has a 309 area code on his phone, Charlie rarely donates money back to Bradley, Doug wonders if the college system as we know it will exist in 30 years, Chuck has a squeaky chair, Fun with Audio from Francesa, why did Iggy get banned by Jim Rome, Plowsy rode in a horse-drawn carriage yesterday, Iggy once went to a cattle auction in the rain, Plow Boy got himself a nifty new haircut, where is Perryville, even more Mike Francesa audio, is Christmas music in season yet, listeners are attacking Darin’s geography.