The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Nacho Man and so much more

Plowsy’s laugh is in rare form as the Captain’s Log is read, Tim can’t figure out why he doesn’t care what happens to the Cardinals at this point, Doug will play the role of his therapist, expectations can often determine how you feel about a team, they’re still mathematically in play though as the Rockies lost at home last night, what’s the new percentage chance for the Cardinals to make the playoffs, Plowsy was embarrassed by Busch Stadium being full of Cubs fans, Doug critiques Darin for leaving the game early, Iggy comments on Tim’s theory or thesis, does this franchise badly need a superstar, #FunWithAudio from the Barstool chicks about the world ending, Iggy isn’t happy with Barstool’s content selection, last night’s NFL game provided an interesting moment for gamblers and fantasy owners, Andrew aka the Nacho Man from last night’s Cardinals contest joins the program, Iggy is creeping on the Nacho mom, discussing etiquette for catching foul balls, more #AudioFun from Mike Francesa, discussing TD celebrations.