The Morning After STL

Segment 1: NFL Players are down with Deke Dotem

We have scalding takes on the Golden Globe Awards, Timmy the Tickler calls in to tell us about Larry Nickel cavorting with Mrs. Tickler, it’s a Sadie Hawkins of topics this morning, how in the world is 10-time Pro Bowler Joe Thomas on board with the Dotem movement, Fescoe and his crew did a FB Live during the Chiefs game and it didn’t go so well for him, Wildcard Weekend chatter, flat-breaking down the Rammies and Stan bitching about not having a true home field advantage in Los Angeles, teasing Tim’s pod with Dave Peacock, Big Al joins the presentation, revisiting the Rams Rules and Stan Kroenke’s asinine letter, Blues talk, Doug says it’s time to make a deal to spark the team before Schwartz returns, pinching in has declined, teasing AVN news in the 8 hour.

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