The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Plowsy needs a ride to the dentist

Iggy isn’t happy about morning traffic and lackluster coffee, Roderick brought a gift for young Tyler Hayes, the FB Live feed is apparently back up, Joe is selling more t-shirts, Plowsy used to skip school and smoke, Roderick had perfect attendance, Plow Boy was asking for a ride to his dentist on the Fan Page, chloroform chatter, Iggy is lined up to appear on The East Side Podcast, he’s wearing a unique hat, Plowsy’s mom refutes his attendance story on the TMA Fan Page, how should the Cardinals feel about playing a contest in Montreal, will MLB return to that city, discussing the day-to-day schedule of Major League players and broadcasters, Iggy wants you to slide into his Facebook DM’s, Carter Hutton gave props to Daddy Padre yesterday and Vaughn isn’t happy about it, Lawrence T. Nickel brings heat with his WWE Recap.

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