The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Retirement Home Romps & Brandel Chamblee

Doug needs some new earbuds, discussing how journalism works on social media, will Vaughn watch Tiger Woods play today, can Tim shave 23 strokes off his game in time to capture the 2018 PGA Championship, is winter bush a thing for the gals, it’s possible that today will be a Press Conference Thursday, is the cuck studio in play, Plowsy dined out at Five Guys yesterday, he recommends the Cajun fries, discussing bridges and causeways, some retirement communities have their own golf courses, can people find love after 80, are retirement homes infested with STD’s, are there age restrictions at these places now, The Villages sounds like a pony, how old was Leona when Iggy banged her back in 1987, naming off geriatric women who are still bang worthy, a nice breeze turns on old Strode, Tim likes the Redskins tonight, Iggy wants to take Penny to Jamaica, discussing Brandel Chamblee and why Iggy doesn’t enjoy him, he also has an attractive wife who tweets, Injun Joe is too busy texting to sell any houses, why do folks want to “save” stars, could Manchild79 take up with Mrs. Scott after the Ballsack proper passes away.