The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Serious discussion about St. Louis

Plowsy is eating a moist muffin and making fantasy baseball maneuvers mid-segment, Timmy Tom Tom has already clinched Email of the Month, Iggy reports that spectator tickets for the Dotem Open will NOT be available, is he still working on more logistics, should there be VIP tickets, did Injun Joe really nab a hole-in-one at Normandie last Thursday afternoon, digging back into the shooting that took place at Ballpark Village, discussing what security measures should be implemented as a result, what does this portend for STL compared to other big cities, Doug is concerned about discipline in our schools, work-shopping more ideas on how to improve St. Louis and poverty in general, has Ballpark Village lost it’s image as an oasis, why aren’t there more fast food joints in Downtown STL, Tim would still buy stock in this metro area.

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