The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Swope’s clandestine meeting w/ Prod Joe

It’s a meaty Captain’s Log today, Swope met up with Prod Joe in a Dierberg’s parking lot, Plowsy listened back to the Tuna Fish emails from 2 years ago, will Buck Swope make a boxed set of his ‘sodes, Prod Joe is getting his ankle tat removed, Doug needs a podcast, Iggy has stories, Fun with Audio of Mike Francesa talking Judy Garland on NFL Network, Mike Lee joins the presentation, Iggy will interview a tranny in his Las Vegas hotel room, Strode says Peter North looks good, Manuel has a TV booth, who is small hands, Big Al checks into the program, Plowsy is having a strong show, Barstool chicks on bongs and edibles, Plow Boy is intrigued by Ria’s sister and is eating a muffin, talking millennials, Pinewood Derby chatter courtesy of The Cat, Biff joins the program to talk the AVN trip.

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