The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Teeing up tickets for the Dotem Open

You can feel the energy across STL as we’re less than an hour away from tickets going on sale for the #FreeDotem Open, Doug is making waiver claims in fantasy quite early in the morning, discussing the next G8 Summit and posting pics of it afterwards on social media, should The Cat share his food at P.F. Chang’s, Tim talks about the history of the internet, discussing the destructiveness of social media and the web, Plowsy talks classic Packers, are people addicted to getting likes on Facebook and Twitter, talking about American Idol, Tim discusses inaccuracies that have been posted about 590 online, the Red Sox scout is active on the text line, Doug enjoys chicken gizzards, Iggy got a Dexter Fowler bobble at the game this weekend, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa, Doug still can’t stand woo’s during games, which phrases give us trouble, will cursive script soon fall by the wayside, how long will it take to sell out the Dotem Open, will Manchild 79 get to meet Lisa Ann.