The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Tim & The Cat reunite with side-piece Doug

We have acoustic paneling in the studio now, were Janie TL and the Viking Queen leftover from the Lady Gaga concert, Prod Joe is getting his ankle tat removed, The Cat gives us a taste of his singing, Doug watched Miss Universe, discussing Gaga plus flap jack breasts, kudos to Iggy for putting on Gobble Bowl this past weekend, somebody stole the Pujols signed ball and thus robbed a charity of several hundred dollars at least, Iggy met a shy and bi-curious listener, updating Email of the Month standings, talking Holliday’s cabinets, should we expect Cardinals news this week, Moneyball the movie made Scott Hatteberg look like Babe Ruth, Mizzou hoops melted down last night, talking Facebook humble brags, how many Mexican restaurants have fries, debating Salt + Smoke locations, Caller Adam checks into the program.

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