The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Who is Lukas and where is Plow Boy?

Where is Plow Boy this morning, young Lukas is filling in and knows Lawrence T. Nickel, Hayes dreamed of hosting Wheel of Fortune, Doug advises Lukas to avoid the broadcast industry entirely, discussing small towns in Illinois, Plops is sending mysterious tweets, reading terrible texts, who is Fancy Todd, Iggy has treats that he made while clothed, discussing if ESPN’s reporting on Sean Miller was faulty, Prod Joe texts a shot at Doug, alliances are forming, experimenting with drops, talking to Lukas about his favorite fry, Larry Nickel checks into the presentation, Iggy is moody and bickering with Caller Ellen, experimenting with more drops, an uncomfortable Iggy story about a restraining order, Doug rants about the Big 10 Tournament.

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