The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Buck Swope Campaigns to Save Tower Tee

It’s a sick Ween Wednesday of course, Doug rants about Peoria, Buck Swope makes his inaugural phone call to the presentation with knowledge on Tower Tee, Hidden Valley is apparently on the chopping block as well, Tower Tee is like Ted Drewes for golfers and baseball playing youth, remembering some legendary MLB Draft busts, Iggy asks about Thanksgiving preparations, why aren’t there more mini-golf courses, what are Baja fries, Audio Fun of Brandel Chamblee on Tiger Woods, Jennings drops the knowledge on golf, naming some famous Fran’s, time to hear from the Barstool chicks, do any other stations play audio from Barrett and the Barstool chicks, next is more life advice from Mike Leach, discussing duck sandwiches, who is Iggy interviewing today, Fun with Mike Francesa audio on if he cooks for Thanksgiving, how difficult is it to BBQ, teasing the latest Cat Chat with Matt Holliday which was just released, Kelly Chase joins us presented by Petro-Mart.

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