The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Caller Adam friend requests Doug

Happy Birthday to Deke Dotem, discussing the Joe Namath of hockey and male crushes, Iggy’s Drops of the Week presented by The Post, old Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa, what’s up with The Dark Knight, Iggy talks merkins and Spartacus, he says Lucy Lawless went accidentally topless while singing the National Anthem, will Biff take Iggy to Hedo, interesting news as Dan Patrick is taking over Undeniable from Joe Buck, talking about Madonna and Dennis Rodman, reviewing the 1997 film Titanic, Caller Adam joins us now, Cardi B is apparently on board with tribbing, ranking the Vacation films and is the recent movie with Ed Helms in play, Plowsy is looking up crock pot recipes, Doug talks painting, Maureen Moore joins us to discuss her new program on 590 The Fan on Friday’s at 2pm.

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