The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Cardinals chatter at The Post picnic table

It’s been too long since we listened to the Communards, golf chatter, how many dudes should stay in the TMA condo, Big Al joins the presentation and claims he was recently published in the Wall Street Journal, talking Venmo, did Elon Musk invent Pay Pal and what’s up with his guy driving in space, why is there a rush for us to colonize on Mars, discussing gators and snakes on golf courses, Plow Boy greets Waino, reacting to the Darvish signing in Chicago, do the Cardinals have another move in them, Olympic talk, Doug’s blocked almost 300 people on Twitter, are the Cardinals more focused on 2019, Tim’s still concerned about the pitching, will the Cardinals be in the mix for Harper and Machado next off-season, Blues conversation, do the Red Sox have scouts listening for knowledge on this presentation, Plowsy weighs in on Mizzou.

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