The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Chaos ensues with a Dotem sellout

What kind of snacks and swag will be at the #FreeDotem Open, tickets are going fast, chaos could ensue at Normandie, and we’re sold out after 5 minutes, should this event become a multi-day affair, Iggy wants to get Dillion Harper in next time, is he still mad about Stormy Daniels, will Lisa Ann indeed wear a bikini, did The Cat get regional cable cucked by Tommy Pham, discussing fantasy baseball anger, the tourney selling out has created controversy on the Fan Page, when will Iggy talk more logistics with Lisa Ann, should we make spectator tickets available, Jennings says he has a neat MILF for this Thursday, people are sliding into Tim’s inbox trying to get tickets to the Dotem Open, conspiracy theories are surfacing, do we need to organize a series of golf tournaments, Iggy pines for the Ballsacks proper, people who did manage to get foursomes are now peacocking around a bit, discussing Fan Page usage, Plowsy is disappointed that some powerful listeners like The Hipster won’t be able to play golf, what’s the beer situation, Producer Joe invites Doug to play golf next weekend, Plow Boy is returning to Canton, discussing why the TMA Live in May will be such a Pony Show with the great Lisa Ann, talking about Cletus’ girl with the finger toes, remembering classic Rich Gould antics, talking about dads as supple housemates.

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