The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Derrick Goold and Baseball Banter

Post-Dispatch Cardinals reporter Derrick Goold joins the program, remembering the great run that Albert Pujols had with the franchise, Plow Boy’s mom has posted on the Fan Page yet again, Doug still has the hots for Raquel Welch, Fantasy Baseball chatter and Plowsy’s inappropriate team name, Iggy talks bowling balls, when does The East Side Podcast drop, are podcasts profitable, does joining MLB Network Radio mean that Matt Holliday is done playing, Rob Manfred says Montreal and San Antonio are big league cities and the league would like to expand once the A’s and Rays have new stadiums, Plowsy wants to see the number of games reduced, Iggy recounts an interview he did with Uecker 25 years ago, should we check on Frank Fleming’s travel progress, Marlins Man is now a free agent fan, should the Cardinals recruit him, Plow Boy doesn’t care for the Busch Stadium Superman, Frank Fleming is apparently having a problem with his Uber, Doug needs to get a scooter, there’s a Porn Star bracket going viral on Twitter but Jennings and Iggy don’t approve it, evaluating Swope’s Tournament of Drops, Plow Boy updates us on his dental work.

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