The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Doug is a 70's Heartthrob & Rita Ora

Digging into the latest conjecture on Giancarlo Stanton, discussing local hangouts that players seem to enjoy, which post-game TV shows are the most entertaining, did Erin Andrews ever date a Blues player, The Cat is willing to act as a realtor for Giancarlo, Vaughn is still on the J.D. Martinez bandwagon, remembering how Larry Bigbie used to hang out with Prod Joe, Spiezio once destroyed Tim’s hat in front of him, The Cat won’t ever go out with players because he’s busy watching Deadliest Catch, more baseball related chatter, big news as a female posted on the Fan Page, why do so many women want lip injections and bizarre plastic surgeries, Tim isn’t a fan of Urlacher’s hair plugs, Doug should be a male model, Fun with Audio from those Barstool chicks on Rita Ora, allegedly Rita had an MFF with Beyonce and Jay Z, what would Plowsy do if he had Mayweather vs. McGregor type money, can this radio station go global, Iggy is off interviewing Mick Foley, Plow Boy can identify a cuck miles away but he’s not into it, discussing fake German words.