The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Doug is a Parenting Role Model

How much golf is Tim playing in Florida, The Cat talks about buying used sporting goods, he’s also recruiting new players for his son’s 3rd grade basketball team, Doug has great sons and is a parenting role model, talking little league bats and their prices, discussing auto problems and how we are helpless to fix them, hockey skates are really expensive, Greg Warren loves Charlie’s old man voice, is there a Pizza Lobby, #FunWithAudio from Charles Barkley on TNT, Charlie has Hot Takes on shoplifting, will the Ball family harm relations with China, is Yao Ming a fan of Joshua, #AudioFun from Bill Walton on China, what’s the shooting chamber, Chuck talks about hail damage, should Plowsy lease a car, how many miles a year do we drive, Sea Monster calls for some Barstool Chicks audio, more shoplifting banter and old man voices, The Cat has a Twitter story.