The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Doug is invited to a floor hockey game (6-4-18)

Doug doesn’t plan to enjoy any funnel cakes, more on school picnics, Vaughn should be adorned with a sash, discussing what Justin Thomas’ tour of St. Louis will be like today, what does Doug usually receive for Father’s Day, talking Al Nipper, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa on Steph Curry, his Tweets have been a profound disappointment so far, how likely are the Cavs to be swept at this point, Plow Boy says this Warriors franchise ranks as the best All-Time, next he’s enjoying a complimentary muffin, Audio Fun from Jason Barrett setting the table in his latest podcast, who is Frank Frangie, joining us is Daddy Padre to invite Douglas to a floor hockey game, how much bleach can be safely consumed by a man, T.J. Oshie took a metro train to Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, breaking down Pat Sajack’s appearance before the game, Vaughn received an award for Doug Unplugged on KMOV, reading about a million dollar vibrator, Cardinals chatter.

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