The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Francesa Fun and Lisa Ann’s Fleshlight (5-21-18)

Mike Francesa has really taken to Twitter, Lisa Ann sent a late night text to Iggy Strode, Billions mentioned her Fleshlight last evening, would Iggy be interested in her long-term, discussing midget porn, asking for an update on logistics, will Iggy scrap with ole Recaps, admiring Strode’s visage, the New York Post wrote about male steam room orgies proper, Caller Adam checks into the program, talking about restroom attendants on the East Side, the Scottrade Center will be renamed later this morning, Dotem will be in town next week, Plow Boy is bullish on Biff as the newest member of the Goob 11, back to the phone lines, Doug has a smashed window at home, discussing golf course hazards.

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