The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Hauntings continue at The Pfister

Doug croons to The Masters theme, our title sponsor Ryan Kelley joins the presentation, where would we want to own a second home, “Mike” calls in to welcome Tim back home, former Blues goalie turned Capitals TV analyst Brent Johnson checks into the program, Daddy Padre phones to critique Doug’s line of questioning, Iggy is tired of Padre’s shtick, Barrett hosted a Sports Media conference in Chicago, Radio Wars have broken out after Francesa and Mad Dog criticized WFAN only to have Boomer respond, Daddy Padre calls back to respond to Iggy, Tim’s beard is lubed up, remembering Messenger’s adventures reading the text line, teasing Joe Lunardi’s 2019 Tournament brackets, The Cat joins us from the haunted Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, why is tomorrow’s game on Facebook.

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