The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Iggy declares this "Ass Wednesday" (5-30-18)

These are the Dotem Holy Days and Iggy says today is Ass Wednesday, reading Iggy’s exchange with Lisa Ann via text, was the Goob 11 group photo actually a humble brag, Plow Boy is now of the opinion that the Swing Have Board Member isn’t a legit couple, additional chatter about the Kirkwood Brewhouse liaison last night, Audio Fun from the Barstool chicks flat breaking down the Bachelorette, discussing the unbelievable story regarding the NBA team executive who allegedly ran 6 burner accounts on social media, discussing Tubby Raymond plus the Wing T formation, Shrewsbury Seminary Student phones into the program, was Plops in attendance last night, Doug and The Cat bicker about citing Info Wars, Big Al is up next, The Cat had an issue with his new BBQ grill, Vaughn is still upset about today’s Cardinals game being exclusively on Facebook.