The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Iggy says he’s not interested in Lisa Ann

Why are the Academy Awards so long, getting Doug’s dander up, has the film industry passed us old guys by, checking out Joe Lunardi’s updated NCAA hoops Bracketology, discussing if MPJ will play in the SEC Tournament and babe match-ups on the Fan Page, Iggy is very cryptic about what he was doing this weekend, reacting the terms for Paul DeJong of 6 years and $26 million, what about a contract extension for Tommy Pham, Audio Fun from Stool Presidente, The Cat is interested in sideline work for The Big Three, should we stage another Ryan Kelley fight, how many couples will compete for Lisa Ann, Iggy claims that he’s not interested in the AVN Hall of Famer, does ole Buck Swope enjoy cuck porn, why are ratings for The Oscars down, more movie talk.

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