The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Iggy Strode finally reveals his age

The Plow Boy has a fresh track from the Teen Wolf soundtrack, talking NBA playoffs and postseason formats in other sports, LeBron vs. Tatum will be fun to watch, Dave Portnoy had an epic pizza review yesterday, Fun with Audio from the Barstool chicks, Iggy is still sore about Ed Sheeran showing up on Game of Thrones, Plowsy mistakes Ken Jeong for North Korea’s dictator, Charlie is a fan of PFT Commenter, more on Katie Nolan’s salary, Iggy’s Drops of the Week presented by The Post, what does Jay think of Iggy’s claim of banging 500 broads, Strode claims that parents would farm their daughters out to him, Iggy used to regularly fornicate in a public park, how old is Iggy exactly, Jay speaks in code about the 60 year-old’s love life, Iggy’s apartment is the Melrose Place of Maryland Heights, is he confusing porn scenes with his own exploits.

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