The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Larry on 25 years of Monday Night Raw

Who had the best voice in New Edition, Iggy continues to add knowledge to his notebook, Biff has arranged a meet and greet with Lana, it’s time for the 25th Anniversary Monday Night Raw recap with Larry Nickel, what if Nicksy moved in with Plowsy, what does Tony Robbins have to do with pro wrestling, what’s the Manhattan Center, somehow Larry is bullish on North Korea, Doug wants to break down The Bachelor, Hoffman drops galore, title sponsor Ryan Kelley joins the program, Audio Fun from the Barstool chicks, who is Olivia Culpo, talking Amendola and Gronk, discussing the new Top Golf in Chesterfield, Doug should get involved in local politics, Kendra Sunderland announced major news, people are offering to drive Tim’s car to Florida, the Gong is damaged, talking veal.