The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Lisa Ann confirmed and Lutina’s Pizza

Roderick has gold headsets, The Cat returns, birthday wishes to Luke Voit, Plow Boy has been clapping at players, BFIB’s attacked Hayes on Twitter last night, remembering some great moments from Spring Training’s past, does Mo enjoy our odd Questions of the Day, even The Cat says another move is needed for the Cardinals, talking about Lutina’s Pizza, was Mickey Rivers a great player, filling in Hayes on the Everglades story, The Cat had an issue with multiple skypigs, Kolten Wong avoids our picnic table like the plague, big news as Lisa Ann is finally scheduled for a TMA event in St. Louis, will listeners participate in a couples dating game with her, if so will Jennings have a stroke, did Roderick share beds with Ben Boyd at the Super Bowl, Iggy holds Doug accountable for watching The Bachelor, more on Lisa Ann’s upcoming visit, Jennings will escort her around Normandie, who will handle security, keeping our eye on Hrabe, Marlins farm hands are playing leap frog.

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