The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Peeping Iggy and some Rules for Sexting

The return music distracts us from Billiken basketball talk, our title sponsor Ryan Kelley checks into the program, examing Swope’s pictures from Gobble Bowl, Iggy engages in lemming behavior, The Cat shares some parenting advice, is Pier 1 Imports still open, stories about Bed Bath and Beyond, Iggy’s family doesn’t know what he does for work, men should never go into Lu Lu Lemon, Iggy admits to peeping on women in changing rooms while trying on jeans, the Shrewsbury Seminary Student checks into the program, sad news as Stingray is under the weather and will have to postpone his appearance but luckily we have audio from the Barstool Chicks, talking sexts and male anatomy pictures, states with revenge laws, what do the Swinghaven board members want with Iggy, discussing if Jay North is alive or not, Tim and Iggy discuss wagering on Rams vs. Saints, the Monday Night game between Baltimore and Houston was abysmal, is Eli Manning a future Hall of Fame QB, is there any chance Drew Lock comes back to Mizzou next year, how porous was the Tigers schedule down the stretch, Doug argues about Joe Flacco.