The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Plow Boy's mom joined the Fan Page

There’s a piccolo in this Ween song, Tiger has teed off, talking radio wars and golf galore, Doug needs new clubs, do you say sneakers or tennis shoes, bantering about basketball, what are lifestyle shoes, Fun with Audio from the Barstool chicks talking Blac Chyna and sex tapes, now here’s audio of Dave Portnoy eating pizza with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, Lutina’s Pizza redeemed themselves, Doug narrates to The Masters theme, Vaughn rants about athletes signing autographs, Olivia Munn may have gotten lip injections, why did Matt Who Bowls at Hank’s leave the TMA Fan Page, Iggy is taking a step back from the Facebook Fan Pin as well, Plow Boy’s mom has posted recently, Dotem is commenting, somebody on the page might have reported Iggy for posting partial nudity, Iggy spell-shamed Lana Rhoades, Twitter bots are being weeded out, time for our Twitter audits, Carson Kelly accused The Cat of stealing his cake, Plow Boy has the realest followers.