The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Plowsy has a blasphemous take on Bill Russell

We’ll take a break from the Stanton talk for Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa, Plow Boy has a controversial take on Bill Russell, comparing athletes today to those of yesteryear, running down Iggy’s Gaga crew, Frank Cusumano storms in the studio to defend Russell, should Tim Duncan be considered a power forward, Doug and The Cat try to school Plowsy on old school basketball, Darin continues to double down on his stance, bringing back The Cat’s controversial take on managers from yesterday, the phone lines are lighting up with Bill Russell responses, Iggy has NBA trivia, did we kill STL’s chances for an NBA franchise, The Cat continues to conjure up obscure names from the past, how different will sports be 30 years from now, Iggy says he’s never banged a hooker.

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