The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Recalling the Tuna Fish Vaughn era

This is a song about arm-wrestling apparently, Plowsy has located the source of the odor here in the studios proper, what’s a honey hole, remembering the Tuna Fish Vaughn era, Fun with Audio from Charles Barkley, what if Quin Snyder somehow wins the NBA Finals, Tim talks about his podcast white whales, NBA playoffs chatter, has baseball become too predictable in terms of the standings, tanking is rewarded now and Doug doesn’t like that, Molina agreed with Matt Carpenter about this being an especially talented Cardinals team, nothing doing on the phone lines, finally we’re able to connect with Mike Lee, which wives does Iggy comment on, how many stations has this program appeared on over the years, Big Al joins us and he’s fired up, time for another Strode story, Michael Wellington from Birdies 4 Bipolar (plus Nick and The Badger fame) joins us in studio to talk Dotem Open.

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