The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Ted Cruz on toys & who is Madison Beer

Plow Boy brings back The President’s song, can the Hipster hold onto his lead in Email of the Month, what is Doug’s platform, would Steve in Wildwood have won more EOTD with McKernan on the read instead of Plowsy, #FunWithAudio from Ted Cruz talking on CNN yesterday, Charlie Marlow likes every tweet, why isn’t The Cat following Tim now, what is Cucky’s theory on Katy Perry, who has the most followers on Twitter, discussing cheap crowd pops, Iggy hasn’t seen Katy’s areola but he can describe her ass in detail, what does the Plow Hawk weigh now, Derrick Goold joins us talking all things Cardinals, there’s an issue in the bathroom here and somebody put mic covers in there as well for some reason, Tim is sparring with Buck Swope and Tom from Salt + Smoke on Twitter, Dotem is in the mix also, #AudioFun from the Barstool chicks, Caller Adam joins, checking out pics of Madison Beer, what is Tim’s bag and Doug’s jam, should we get Barstool Fran on the show.