The Morning After STL

Segment 2: The Spicy Chip Challenge & Anna Benson

Plowsy plays some very haunting return music, does Iggy steal candy, Doug flat breaks down the Blues, it’s time for the Maggie O’Briens Picks of the Week, we’re still not happy with Prod Joe’s game selection, #AudioFun from those Barstool chicks, more audio from Denver news anchors taking the spicy chip challenge, do you get on all-fours to vomit, Plowsy is enjoying Fruit Loops and marshmallows, how often does he change to grease in his deep fryer at home, The Cat has breaking news on Anna Benson, Iggy got a DM back, Plow Boy plays a rap track, Strode has a unique piece of John Gotti memorabilia, more on his charity raffle items, does Gaga lip sync, more Francesa fun, Doug should step down.

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