The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Who is Iggy’s friend Steve Dobernik?

Doug warbles the Billy Gilman tune and recalls his lunch date at Rigazzi’s with Tim’s dad, guessing where Tim went out to dine, Plow Boy is enjoying yogurt with a massive spoon, additional eatery talk, The Cat continues to defend cargo shorts, talking current fashion trends and random Iggy name drops, Vaughn smiles when talking about eating pig snout, where does swinging take place, “Steve Dobernik” calls in to reconnect with Iggy Strode, Big Al checks into the program next, what’s up with Mike Francesa and his upcoming app, comparing New York sports radio to late night TV in the 2000’s, Fun with Audio of Stormy Daniels on Saturday Night Live, Doug is not impressed, baseball and Jeopardy! discussion, The Cat has questions about Doug’s feet, will Vaughn do hot yoga, Cardi B is having weird pregnancy dreams, debating the merits of Insta, Daddy Padre phones into the program.

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