The Morning After STL

Segment 2: Workshopping an #EOTD Hall of Fame

Our title sponsor Ryan Kelley checks into the presentation, was Vaughn at a bathhouse, Doug is a naughty little Vespa, fun with Hoffman drops, Cucky promises to be a force in 2018’s Email of the Day competition, looking at Sea Monster’s stats from 2017 #EOTD, should we create an actual TMA Listener Hall of Fame, Iggy proposes a TMA roast event, talking Chef Boyardee, is Deke Dotem eligible for the HOF, which year did #EOTD begin, discussing more Hall of Fame candidates, how will KMOV celebrate 30 years of Vaughn, talking fries, begging for Olive + Oak, Tim finally made it Shake Shack here in St. Louis, why do people argue about College Football conferences around this time every season, discussing if an 8 team playoff will continue to gain momentum, Douglas wants a more interesting non-conference schedule, road to the championship isn’t clear in College FB, there were ZERO commercial aviation deaths in 2017, did Trump take credit for that.