The Morning After STL

Segment 2: WWE Recap plus Cardinals w/ Gooldsy

Tim reminisces about his High School prom and soft-core films, blaring the return music, Doug used to check out bikini pics in Look magazine, Iggy would listen to the scrambled cable stations, discussing self pleasure and drunk routines, is Redd Foxx from STL, what’s Billy Zane’s best movie role, it’s time for the WWE Recap with Lawrence T. Nickel, Bubbles stirred controversy in Larry’s FB Live last night, it’s a very special Top 5 countries, fun with Rich Gould audio, Post-Dispatch reporter Derrick Goold talks Cardinals with us presented by GFI Digital, discussing where to live in New York and an interesting Will & Grace cast party, time for Iggy stories, Tim has more dish, Plowsy is firing drops like mad.