The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Anthology of Nitwittery & Hotshots EOTD

Men are using the Fan Page to identify adult film starlets, what is Doug’s bag and who is J-Murder, beards have been bad luck for Tim, Plowsy likes mustaches, previewing TMA Live, they have fries at this Mexican joint, Tim goes inside baseball on media and his podcast, Plowsy wants to do videos with his girlfriend and Larry, should we start the show at 5am, work-shopping other radio and podcast ideas, what does Francesa talk about for 5 hours, Larry has mastered FB Live technology, Plow Boy is boyish on Tim’s scruff, we enjoy that Brian Haenchen, where is Deadwood, talking people named Dakota, Tim digs the lesbian version of Kristen Stewart, will Doug buy a Corvette, could a 70K ride be a hoosier car, differentiating between white trash and hoosier, Plowsy is scared of open water, Emails.

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