The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Deep Dive on Stanton & Hotshots #EOTD

Stingray provides our musical accompaniment, looking through his recent tweets, MLB Network and Jon Morosi give us the latest news on Giancarlo Stanton, Doug still thinks buyer’s remorse would come into play should the Cardinals do indeed acquire Stanton, discussing why people label the franchise as cheap and how difficult it will be to spin Stanton going elsewhere if that winds up happening, the Cardinals are known for being disciplined but Hayes believes that will be tested this off-season, Doug is more on board with signing J.D. Martinez as a Free Agent rather than sacrificing 2 great young pitchers trading for Stanton, the Marlins finances could play to the Cardinals advantage, The Cat wonders if C.C. Sabathia on a 1-year deal might be of interest as the team is likely to acquire a starting pitcher to replace Lynn, Doug harps on the importance of pitching, debating tea and corn semantics, Email of the Day.