The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Demi Lovato comments on sapphic tryst (6-13-18)

Alex Ovechkin had a big day at the Stanley Cup parade, an odd story out of Ottawa as forward Mike Hoffman’s girlfriend has allegedly been harassing a Sens teammate’s wife, emotional audio of Alex Reyes talking about his daughter, we’re putting folks on notice, what’s a Davenport exactly, Justin Thomas already has his weekend golf outfits laid out, Demi Lovato has responded to Ruby Rose’s allegation of a lesbian tryst, The Cat warbles, what happened to Ray Liotta’s face, Big Al is still dark, Audio Fun from Bud Norris talking about the best golfers on the Cardinals, more fun from Mike Francesa and it’s truly epic, Doug’s take on Justify made Busted Coverage, Hotshots Email of the Day.

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