The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Doug talks St. Louis eateries with Swope

Cardi B was nervous at The Grammy’s, Doug is bullish on Childish Gambino, teasing Tim’s latest podcast with Blues chairman Tom Stillman, discussing how local government should work to attract more business to the region, 82 year-old former St. Louis County Executive Gene McNary is now studying genetics at Washington University, Fun with Audio from the newest ‘sode of Swope’s Picks, there is video on the Fan Page of Roderick taking bumps in a wrestling ring, advertisers want to hang out with Tim, Doug doesn’t like the term slacks, how will Vaughn like staying with Roderick and Plowsy at Spring Training, some radio host in Boston made personal remarks about Tom Brady’s daughter, talking memorable Super Bowls of recent vintage, Doug will be with Lady Journalism on Super Bowl Sunday again, discussing the XFL’s return, Hotshots Email of the Day.