The Morning After STL

Segment 3: ESPN is paying Katie Nolan 7 figures?

Jalen Rose had an interesting thought on Phil Mickelson, Doug misses Verne Lundquist, Andrew Marchand penned an intriguing article on Katie Nolan who is still under-utilized, why didn’t she end up at Barstool, Doug is more bullish on Hey Kay’s broadcast talents, smoldering HOT takes, did Katie Nolan turn down Get Up, Iggy is angry at Recaps now, what do the Barstool chicks make, Dave Portnoy weighed in on the Katie Nolan article, Hayes regales us with benefits of regional cable, ESPN’s strategy is difficult to decipher, nothing doing on the phones, Fun with Audio from the Barstool chicks per Iggy request, discussing cultural appropriation, Jake Golic brought heat on Twitter, Email of the Day.

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