The Morning After STL

Segment 3: Jeremy Roenick & Email of the Day

Prod Joe is pissed that Doug asked to reschedule their Baseball draft at the last minute, would anyone want to watch us draft, will Iggy join another league and can you play for straight cash in Missouri, Rory says drinking should be limited at major golf tournaments, reviewing the latest Free Dotem that was dropped during Tiger’s back swing this weekend, Iggy makes a bold prediction, NHL on NBC analyst Jeremy Roenick joins the presentation discussing a potpourri of topics, follow up conversation on the Blues, Fun with Audio as a Cal May type question was asked at the NCAA Tourney, classic audio from Mike Francesa, there was a fake Francesa on WFAN’s morning show last Friday, should arms ever be referred to as levers, Hoffman reads the Hotshots Email of the Day.

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